Cat Duval

Cat Duval is the Founder of Nine Lives Yoga and a Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer offering teacher trainings in new form of Social Yoga. Cat pioneered the now international Nine Lives Yoga Rave and teaches with 16 years experience and a curiosity and fascination in the capacity of collaborative practices to transform our lives. She spires to dedicate her work to develop a shared sense of belonging and heal the isolation and separation epidemic that is becoming too common in the western world.

Nine Lives Yoga Rave 

Nine Lives Yoga Rave is back this year – packing even more prana. The Nine Lives Yoga Rave is where music and yoga unite. Yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass and the bass lovers experience the rhythm of the breath. Move through grounding ground connection meditation to lotus humandala yoga flow to dancing celebration into partner yoga flows and finishing with a deep meditation.  

Acroyoga En Masse! 

This workshop focuses on the teamwork Acroyoga inspires to achieve in groups what we can never achieve alone! We will be layering flyers and bases in group formations of 5 or more to create group Acroyoga poses in support of us all. We encourage mixing up roles and taking your turn to be a superhero spotter and also fly to the top of the tree! This workshop is all about working together to cultivate fearlessness! The pre-reqs are Acroyoga foundations, two high & titanic.

Sacred Humandala Group Formations

Human mandala formations bring us into harmony and create unity and fluidity in movement and awareness. In this workshop we explore the art of sacred geometry in group formations, creating sacred mandalas with people. Connect, listen and respond and attune to the felt sense of connected aliveness with Cat Duval.


Jaa tämä sivu ystävillesi! ♡