Felipe Morato


The bodywork sessions are a gift to yourself. The soft and gentle touch invites the body to relax and the movements activate and energize your whole being. Clients often comment that they feel relaxed, more connected to the earth and more alive after a session.

The sessions also work as movement education. From the relaxation and input through touch, the body learns how to move more efficiently. This can give a feeling of easiness and more freedom because of the mind-body integration.

I have been participating in workshops for therapists and volunteering in a retreat center in a rainforest in Brazil since the young age of 13. This has shaped my relationship with life and the environment around me, as I learned to sense beyond physicality and trust my intuition.

As a therapist I mostly do a somatic Trager based bodywork. The bodywork is a mind-body integration technique to relax, create space and connection in the body. I talk, move and touch with my whole being and soul to transfer and communicate what I have learned.

Trager based bodywork – 30min – 30€
Trager based bodywork – 60min – 45€
Trager based bodywork – 90min – 60€

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