Kaisa Peltola (FI)


Henkisen kasvun opas
Kannattelen henkisen kasvun ja heräämisen prosessiasi kohti todellista luontoasi, kesyttämätöntä ja vapaata itseäsi.

Alchemy of Shame

Shame is a virus program in your body, it disconnects you from your true nature. It is a social conditioning, yet it feels the most intimate. In this workshop, you will learn how your shame-programming works – and how you can liberate yourself from it. With compassion and love for the truth we can invite the shame from the shadows and allow our body to activate its natural healing and detoxing process. When shame seizes, we can open to our divine wildness, and allow grace enter us.  

Meet your Lilith! Without her you will never be independent

Archetype of Lilith represents our primal, instinctive feminine sexuality and direct knowing. In the myth she was Adam´s first wife. As Adam refused to accept her as equal, she flew away – and Eva was made from Adam´s rib. It is Lilith in us, who demands absolute equality – without her, we remain victims and blame men for our lost freedom. In this workshop, you will meet your own Lilith! FOR WOMEN

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