Lisette van Cuijck

Our voice shows us who we are, it’s the doorway to our soul. We are all unique, with our own wonderful qualities waiting to come to the surface. No one is like you. And therefore,no one sounds like you. Discover and embrace your own qualities, your own unique sound! True Voice is a transformationalhealing process, in which you are lovingly guided and supported to let go of what no longer serves you, and to unlock your true potential. Let your voice flow freely again and discover how it feels to live an authentic life, a life close to your heart and your own wonderful being. Be empowered by your own amazingness! You are so much more magical than you think!

”If you want to get in touch with the sounds that express your deepest truth, Lisette is the person to get in touch with in Finland. Treat yourself to healing sounds that come directly from your own deepest self.” –Mark Fox, founder of True Voice®

Yes, everyone can sing! And no, ”singing skills” are not important!

True Voice is an intuitive process, and everyone is unique. Therefore the length of sessions varies; we don’t stop before we reach results, but we also don’t continue after we reach them, for there is a risk to undo what we have reached, if we continue too long. Typically a session takes between 50 min and an hour, but longer or shorter is also possible.

Lisette is a transformational healer. She creates a sacred space, a field of Love, and has the ability to truly see you and totally allow and love every part of you. In her presence, it is possible to heal your past and to uncover your most amazinggems;your very own, unique,wonderful,authentic You.

Lisette has given workshops and individual sessions thoughout Europe. Now she runs Gaia Center for Wellbeing in Jyväskylä, Finland, where she givesworkshopsand sessions in True Voice, healing intuitive painting, sound healing, mindfulness and meditation, and weaves this all together in her life changing Journey to your Heart retreats. Lisette is also the first to bring the powerful healing approach of True Voice to Finland!

True Voice session is 60€

-Let your heart sing and listen closely-

Jaa tämä sivu ystävillesi! ♡