Jatsan Dorje


Janne/Jatsan Dorje have long experience in both Indian and Tibetan yoga. He started practicing hatha yoga in 2013 and completed 200h Yoga Therapy teacher training in India 2018. He has been practicing Tibetan yoga since 2017. He is certified tsalung yoga teacher in Namyang International Tibetan Yoga Alliance. Janne is founder of Merkaba Center, a yoga and wellness center in Helsinki.



Tsalung is an old traditional Tibetan yoga practice to balance the energy circulation in the body. There is a wide variety of movements, jumps, body rubbing, energy practices and breathing techniques. All the movements in tsalung are made with breath retention. Practice is a powerful way to open the body, strengthen the muscles and clear the energy channels.

Jaa tämä sivu ystävillesi! ♡